Team Mission


This year due to Covid-19 restrictions and school policy, we will not have access to Mendham High School.  Instead, we will be holding our practices at Buxton Athletic Center - a 14,000 square foot facility. Address: 4 Middlebury Blvd #11, Randolph, NJ 07869. We will be combining our practices with Pope John's Elementary / Middle School K-8 wrestling program at Buxton. Only Wrestlers and Coaches will be allowed inside and temperatures will be taken prior to being allowed entry.

The Mendham Chester Patriots is a competitive wrestling program accepting athletes ages K through 8th regardless of ability or experience. We have a coaching staff that has competed at the highest level of collegiate wrestling and who excel at tailoring our instruction to the needs and ability of the kids.

We believe in working hard, striving to improve every day, respecting your teammates, opponents and officials. Wrestling is an individual sport but we teach the kids that only through teamwork and support can any athlete succeed. We will expose your kids to different learning environments - many of the High School wrestlers and coaches will spend some time in the wrestling room.

We will bring in coaches from other clubs and programs to give the athletes exposure to different ideas and styles. We will help the experienced/advanced wrestler maximize their potential and teach beginners to love the sport. Throughout we will emphasis hard work, respect, dedication and most of all fun.

"There are no losers in wrestling, just winners and learners."


About Our Programs

Youth Program

  • For grades K-8 with 0-2 years wrestling experience.
  • For those that have never wrestled - this offers an entry level to the sport designed to introduce kids to wrestling, with basic instruction and supervised simulated wrestling.
  • Use of games geared to enhance wrestling skills, keeping it fun and to encourage kids to come back to wrestle at the next level.
  • For those that have wrestled, but aren't ready for our Competitive Program - this offers first exposure to competitive wrestling in an informal Jamboree/KOM format plus some tournament participation. Includes a moderate level of instruction, with an emphasis on developing the core techniques wrestlers use in competitive match situations.
    Note: Tournament / Jamborees may be limited this year due to Covid-19, but we will do our best to find venues for our wrestlers. 
  • Older athletes that want to be exposed to the sport can participate and progress to the Competitive Program as appropriate.

Competitive Program

  • For experienced youth wrestlers of all grade levels through 8th grade that have completed at least 2 years of wrestling.
  • Accelerated instruction with individual and team standings.
  • Intense competition level with an emphasis on hard work and dedication.
  • Competitive matches are in the North West Jersey Youth Wrestling League (K-6) and North Jersey Youth Wrestling League (K-8). - NOTE: There is still uncertainty to League status due to Covid-19. For now we will continue with practices, and make adjustments later once we know the status of the leagues. Our plan is to find alternative venues for competition for our wrestlers if needed.