Competitive Program

Open to athletes K-8, this group will be for more experienced wrestlers and has a coaching staff that will focus on building a solid wrestling foundation, technique, strength and conditioning, flexability and learning. We are going to have multiple tracks to provide opportunities for all athletes to wrestle competitively. While we focus on competing - wrestling success only comes through team work - we run a room that encourages teamwork, discipline, and collaberation. Our atheletes learn as much from each other as they do from the coaches. we are also working on plans to open the room to other area teams to increase the opportunities for our kids to drill and learn with coaches and athletes form other programs. We also remember that this is youth wrestling and we'll make sure to throw in some fun and team building along the way.

Head Coach:

Keith McNair

Additional Coaching:

Eric Sement, Brett Raimondo, James Conte, Anthony Curlo, David Calabrese


Anthony "Yogi" Hernandez