Youth Program


Program Cost as well as Practice Dates, Times and Location are TBD. More info to follow

  • For grades K-8 with 0-2 years wrestling experience.
  • For those that have never wrestled - this offers an entry level to the sport designed to introduce kids to wrestling, with basic instruction and supervised simulated wrestling.
  • Use of games geared to enhance wrestling skills, keeping it fun and to encourage kids to come back to wrestle at the next level.
  • For those that have wrestled, but aren't ready for our Competitive Program - this offers first exposure to competitive wrestling in an informal Jamboree/KOM format plus some tournament participation. Includes a moderate level of instruction, with an emphasis on developing the core techniques wrestlers use in competitive match situations.
    Note: Tournament / Jamborees may be limited this year due to Covid-19, but we will do our best to find venues for our wrestlers. 
  • Older athletes that want to be exposed to the sport can participate and progress to the Competitive Program as appropriate.


Buxton Athletic Training Center
4 Middlebury Blvd #11, Randolph, NJ 07869
Note:  Entry to building is at the back of the building through the open bay doors.

When: Every Mon, Wed and Friday beginning November 02, 2020
Time: 5pm-6pm
(Note: time may run shorter for our Youth Program. This be will determined later)

Contact Anthony Hernandez with any questions :


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